Let’s Be Honest: We are Terrible About Judging Books by The Cover!

On Thursday we were finally able to visit the clinic, meet everyone and tour the facility.  First impression….the facility itself was underwhelming. Oversized furniture in a small waiting room, cluttered front office, narrow hallways, & walls a colorless hue of beige. Basically it screams MAKEOVER!  Some updating and interior changes are in need.  I know, I know…..this is an office with professionals……a brain scientist, highly credentialed educators, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, creative  and energetic office staff. Interior design is probably not on the top of their priorities.  The work they are doing is way more important and their reputations alone speak for themselves.  Unfortunately we are humans who often judge by outward appearance instead of the heart.  First impressions and the manner in which things are presented matter and can determine success or failure. For a family like ours that has financially invested so much into a team of experts that promise to change our kids’ lives, scrutiny comes with the territory.  We’ve made sacrifices to be here and arrived on a mission to fully immerse ourselves into this rigorous  program. Naturally, we have high hopes but we are cautiously optimistic.  When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  Walking into the facility the first day did very little to ease our apprehension.  It is not what you would expect for a place that is revolutionizing the world of dyslexia based on scientific research. Thankfully however, we have friends already in the program that assured us not to “judge a book by it’s cover.”  In all honesty, without their reassurance, I probably would have panicked and left with more fear and doubts about our decision, just based on what my eyes had seen.  Now that would have been TRAGIC!

On the bright side, if I try to look past the dated building, The Morris Center doesn’t feel like a medical facility. The kids certainly found it’s cozy charm more appealing than a sterile doctor’s office. They didn’t seem to notice anything but the fun equipment in the OT room.  (They do amazing work in a very tiny space).

The biggest bright spot of all  is definitely the staff!  The impression they made felt a lot like relief.  They are professionals that are experts in their fields.  They understand the objective and are confident they will succeed.  They are warm and welcoming. They connect easily with each child and earnestly want to know the kids on a personal level.  They explained the program in terms the kids could understand. (For ex….Dr. Conway referred to Cannon’s brain as a Ferrari running on bad gas or not firing on all cylinders. He assure Cannon that when he leaves, his brain will be a full performance Ferrari).

The staff at The Morris Center have a passion for what they are doing, and that passion is contagious.   A program that offers such incredible results and leaves clients in awe deserves to have a cover that matches the inside.

HGTV, if you’re listening….I’ve found your next project…..and I can think of no other place that deserves it more than The Morris Center.



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